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Reduce travel, reduce training, reduce cost. VirtualMine is a remote work solution for bringing teams together on-site, virtually.

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3D applications

Visualization helps make sense of complex data.

In the world of mining, for example, 3D displays of mine geometry are critical in making important decisions.
Visualization helps make sense of complex data.

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Virtual & augmented reality

The latest developments in head-mounted technology have opened a whole new virtual world of opportunity.

Our tailored software can create the virtual experience that will transform your business.

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Embedded systems

Mission critical tasks require dedicated computing hardware and precisely written software.

Key Logic has a track record of delivering robust solutions through rigorous development practices and hands-on involvement with industrial systems.

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Get into the hands of your clients with a mobile app developed for Android, iOS and Windows Mobile.

Key Logic can build you a mobile platform that scales and impresses.

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Key Logic develops custom web apps that make you faster, more efficient and easily accessible from any device with a browser.

Whether enabling greater internal efficiency or providing benefits to your clients, Key Logic is your team.

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From underground, to our office, to your office, Key Logic can work with you where you need us.

From our office to yours, and on site...

We work closely with you in any stage of a project, ensuring that your needs are met and everything goes smoothly.

No matter the size or scope of your project, Key Logic can help you get it done as a trusted partner.


Here's what our partners have said

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"As a dependable, skilled, and experienced software team, Key Logic has been an important resource for my company in helping our team consistently delivering innovative mining solutions."

Rod Steele, President of Tesman Inc.
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"Key Logic has allowed us to rethink our approach to product development and pursue technological advancements that were previously out of reach for our business."

James Henderson, GM of Minewise Inc.
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GeoSight logo

"Our users constantly compliment how intuitive and easy our software is to use. Key Logic brings a great depth of practical field experience to each solution."

John Lupton, President of GeoSight Inc.
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The Kore Project logo

"Our experience with Dean and his team at Key Logic has not only been great but critical to the launch of our product."

Andre Lapierre, CEO of The Kore Project
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KORE mobile app
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"In addition to incredible technical proficiency, Dean and his team were extremely responsive, collaborative, and a true pleasure to work with. They always took the time to understand our needs and work with us to ensure our success."

Andrew Eibl, Co-founder of Flosonics Medical
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Verv Technology Inc.

"Key Logic took extra effort in understanding what we needed and identifying requirements. They quoted appropriately and delivered on time – including the last minute changes that always occur in new products. Professional and capable."

Jeff Sutton, President of Verv Technology Inc.
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Virtual & augmented reality services

Explore, interact and engage in an immersive environment with virtual & augmented reality.

The latest developments in head-mounted technology have opened up a new virtual world of opportunity.

Our custom software solutions can create virtual experiences that will transform your business.

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