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We have a passion for great code

Since 2009, Key Logic has specialized in the collection, processing and visualization of 3D data for various industries including mining, engineering and healthcare.

Known for our extensive research, mathematical algorithm design, disciplined coding, and streamlined project management process, we pride ourselves on delivering custom software solutions to make your business better, faster and smarter.

Key Logic assesses technical and operational challenges, analyzes existing infrastructure, and provides practical software solutions to streamline your operations and overcome business challenges.

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Key Logic has gained a reputation for embracing field work. When a project calls for hands-on inspection or testing at client facilities, our team is dispatched and placed on-site.

We believe that our attention to detail, high standards of programming, and commitment to solving complex issues, combined with our intimate business approach, are what makes Key Logic better.

Key Logic is located in a thriving creative and tech hub in Sudbury, Ontario’s Downtown core.

Our team

Photo of Dean Lupini

Dean Lupini

Dean is an experienced software developer who is passionate about designing elegant software systems to solve industry challenges.

With about 10 years of experience, he has focused in 3D graphics, database systems, algorithm design, and ground-up software system development.

Dean acquired a Math degree at Waterloo, a Master of Applied Science in Mining Engineering from Laurentian, and work experience both locally and abroad before founding a software company of his own in Sudbury.

Through this company he continues to design, develop and manage commercialized products to address real challenges with valued solutions.

Photo of Patrick Ryan

Patrick Ryan

Patrick is a graduate of both the Computer Science program at Laurentian University and the Electronics Engineering Technologist program at Cambrian College and brings a diverse set of skills to Key Logic.

Although he has spent the last 5 years specializing in full stack web application development, he is comfortable in many other domains from past experiences developing standalone applications to embedded development.

In his free time, Patrick builds on his skill set by volunteering and leading workshops in Arduino, Pi, Robotics, 3D Printing and Electronics.

Photo of Paolo Scola

Paolo Scola

Paolo is a graduate of Computer Science at Laurentian University and has been a full time software developer for over three years. He brings a fresh outlook on new technologies and has experience with a wide variety of projects. Whether it be full stack web development, mobile applications, augmented and virtual reality, or working directly with clients to meet deliverables; there isn’t a task that Paolo cannot adapt to. In his spare time, he likes to make video games and help people with their technology questions.

Photo of Dylan Lauzon

Dylan Lauzon

Dylan is a software developer with a passion for quality and problem-solving. With a Bachelor of Computer Science from Algoma University and a BA in Music Administrative studies from the University of Western Ontario, Dylan brings a unique combination of technical and artistic expertise to his work. Dylan has actively contributed to several projects,  including web development (React Native, Angular), mobile development (Android, iOS), XR development (MRTK-Unity), and .NET development (WinForms).

Before becoming a software developer, Dylan was a professional musician. An accomplished songwriter, Dylan has a catalog of music that has been streamed over 40,000,000 times. In his free time, he is still actively involved in music, building analog equipment and working as a session guitarist.

Photo of Troy Laakso

Troy Laakso

Troy Laakso is a highly skilled software developer with a diverse background in computer science, currently pursuing his Bachelor's degree in Computer Science at the University of Waterloo. Troy has gained valuable experience through co-op placements at various organizations, including Key Logic Software Solutions, Ford Motor Company, Digital Extremes, and Virtek Vision. He has demonstrated proficiency in multiple programming languages, such as Java, C, C++, C#, Python, and Javascript, and has developed a wide range of projects involving algorithm visualization and game development. 

Troy's exceptional problem-solving skills and strong analytical abilities have consistently allowed him to devise innovative and efficient solutions across different domains. With experience in various technologies, including Unity, Qt, OpenGL, and Git, he has demonstrated an aptitude for tackling complex challenges head-on. Troy is constantly expanding his knowledge and growing professionally through his dedication and ability to learn quickly and independently.

Photo of Patrick Ryan

Matt Parrotta

Matt is a software developer with close to 5 years of professional experience. He has a Bachelor of science Behavioural Neuroscience, with a minor in Computer Science, as well as a Masters in Computational Sciences. He has academic experience in computer aided drug design and writing software for protein binding site predictions, as well as various biochemical applets and tools.

Matt has extensive experience working with and developing full stack and mobile applications, including supporting backend API development. He enjoys taking on new projects that cover diverse and unique topics, and has a deliverable focused mindset.

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